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Korean Speaking business broker needed

October 16, 2022

Pacific Business Advisors is in need of an experienced business broker who speaks Korean preferably located in the Los Angeles area. See: Reasons to Join Pacific Business Advisors.

Franchise Your California Business

September 12, 2022

Franchising your existing business can be very profitable if you have the right business and the right consultants. The senior management of can assist you in franchising your business. Call Michael Chulak for a confidential, no cost initial consultation. See: Reasons to Franchise Your Business, Franchise Questions and Answers, and What is a Franchise?

Motel Broker – Agent Needed

July 19, 2022

Pacific Business Advisors is in need of a broker – agent to represent buyers and sellers of motel properties in California. We have both domestic and foreign clients who are seeking to acquire motels and other businesses and real estate.

Start an HOA Management Company – Santa Clarita Valley

July 19, 2022

If you are qualified and want to start an HOA management company in the Santa Clarita Valley, contact Michael Chulak about the possibility of joint venturing the formation of a new management company to serve that area.

Agent for Service Process Available

July 11, 2022

All corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships (legal entities) in California must select an Agent for Service of Process (Agent) when they are formed but may change the Agent at any time. The Agent is the person who is actually served with a lawsuit should the entity be named as a defendant. Many entities select an owner or officer as the Agent. Your entity can protect its interests by having us serve as your Agent for Service Process.

Acquire a Business Using a Reverse Mortgage Loan

June 28, 2022

Many buyers of franchises and existing operating businesses are using the proceeds of a reverse mortgage to make the acquisition. A reverse mortgage can be the source of the down payment or the entire acquisition price while requiring no monthly payments. See: Reverse Mortgage Loans and Advantages to Buying a Franchise.

Commercial Leases – Asset or Liability?

June 27, 2022

The terms of a premises lease can significantly affect the value of a business as well as how easy or difficult it may be to sell the business. A lease may be an asset to a new buyer or it may be a liability depending on its length and other terms. See: How Your Premises Lease Affects the Value of Your Business and Checklist for Commercial Leases.

Probate Business Sales

June 26, 2022

The efficient and cost-effective sale of a business that is in probate requires special knowledge and experience on the part of the business brokerage firm. You can count on the management of our firm to provide the knowledge and experience required to handle any probate sale in a way that maximizes the sales price of the business while minimizing the time required on your part. See: Probate Business Sales Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Business Brokers Needed

June 20, 2022

Pacific Business Advisors is in need of business brokers who speak Korean, Farsi, and Armenian. See: Reasons to Join Pacific Business Advisors on this website and call Michael Chulak for a confidential interview.

Joint Venture of Business Acquisitions

May 17, 2022 will consider the joint venture of business acquisitions of certain types of businesses. Call the owner, Michael Chulak for additional information.
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