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Probate Business Sales

June 26, 2022

The efficient and cost-effective sale of a business that is in probate requires special knowledge and experience on the part of the business brokerage firm. You can count on the management of our firm to provide the knowledge and experience required to handle any probate sale in a way that maximizes the sales price of the business while minimizing the time required on your part. See: Probate Business Sales Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Business Brokers Needed

June 20, 2022

Pacific Business Advisors is in need of business brokers who speak Korean, Farsi, and Armenian. See: Reasons to Join Pacific Business Advisors on this website and call Michael Chulak for a confidential interview.

Joint Venture of Business Acquisitions

May 17, 2022 will consider the joint venture of business acquisitions of certain types of businesses. Call the owner, Michael Chulak for additional information.

15 Reasons Businesses Initially Don’t Sell

May 17, 2022

There are at least 15 reasons that businesses offered for sale initially do not sell. Owners that want to sell their business should examine each of these reasons carefully. See: 15 Reasons Businesses Initially Don’t Sell.

Become a Referral Agent-Earn Commissions

May 16, 2022

Licensed real estate brokers and agents can become business broker referral agents and earn substantial commission income. See: Business Broker Referral Agents.

Representations and Warranties by Sellers of Businesses

May 15, 2022

Sellers typically provide buyers of businesses with certain representations and warranties as part of the purchase agreement. They are generally negotiated by the attorneys representing the parties. See: Representations and Warranties for a summary or checklist.

Start an HOA Management Company

May 3, 2022

Michael Chulak, the owner of can assist you in starting, acquiring, or selling a homeowner association management company. Call or visit: Start an HOA Management Company for additional information about starting an HOA management company with a highly experienced joint venture partner.

Earn a Referral Fee

May 2, 2022 will pay a 10% referral fee to real estate brokers that refer business to our firm. The fee will be paid upon the closing is escrow. See: Earn a Referral Fee of 10%.

Corporate Pyramiding Maximizes Control Using Leverage

May 1, 2022

Corporate pyramiding takes place when the controlling shareholder of a corporation uses that corporation to control another corporation and that corporation controls another and so on. For example, a 51% shareholder of corporation A acquires a 51% stake in corporation B. Corporation B now acquires a 51% stake in corporation C and so on down the line. The ability to leverage the original investment in huge. Contact Michael Chulak for corporate consulting services.

Reasons to Select to Represent You

March 25, 2022

The management team at Pacific Business Advisors has been providing brokerage and consulting services to buyers and sellers of large and small businesses in California since 1987. Our firm can assist you in achieving your goal of selling, merging, starting, or acquiring a business. There are many imitations, but only one Pacific Business Advisors, found by Michael Chulak in 1987.
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