How to Start a Security Guard Company

This article assumes you have a security guard license or can qualify to obtain the license required to own and operate a security guard and patrol company in California. A license to carry a firearm is not required.

Unless you are determined to own 100% of the entire business, you may want to associate with a co-owner that will become your first significant client, and who is capable of referring other significant clients to you. The object is to have your co-owner client cover your basic income requirements while you are building the business. A property management company that manages condominiums, planned developments, and/or apartment buildings is an ideal co-owner.

You should be aware that guards must be placed on payroll since they are employees, not independent contractors. Also note that non-union guard services are worth more than union guard services.

Aside from customary security guard and patrol services, security guard companies are often hired by property management companies to inspect properties for safety issues and rule violations, and to check for and replace light bulbs where required. Some security guard companies assist homeowner association boards establish neighborhood watch groups in order to enhance security.

Other types of properties managed by management companies include retail properties, office buildings, medical office buildings, industrial parks, storage facilities, motels, hotels, parking lots, and parking structures.

If this concept is attractive to you, please contact Michael Chulak. If you don't build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.


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