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Business Sales, Acquisitions, and Mergers

Initial Questions for Business Sellers
Questions Business Sellers Need to Answer
Agency Relationship Disclosures
How Long Does it Take on Average to Sell a Business in California?
Consequences of Overpricing a Business
Confidentiality is Critical in Business Sales
Pocket Listing - Business Sales

Introduction to Business Sales
Probate Business Sales - FAQ
Financial and Strategic Buyers of Businesses
Letter of Intent - Business Sale/Acquisition
Advantages and Disadvantages of Asset Sales for Buyers
Advantages and Disadvantages of Stock Sales for Buyers
Indemnification of Business Buyer

Allocation of the Purchase Price - Asset Sales
Off-Balance Sheet Assets and Liabilities

Cost Segregation Analysis - Studies
Reasons to Run from a Business Broker
EBITDA - What You Must Know
What Determines the Cap Rate when Buying or Selling a Business?
Representations and Warranties by Sellers of Businesses
The Most Common Reasons Owners Sell Their Business
15 Reasons Businesses Initially Don't Sell
Bulk Sales
Reasons for Mergers and Acquisitions
Concerns Following Sale of Business or Merger

California Sales and Use Tax Provisions
Successor Liability
Environmental Site Assessments - Due Diligence
Reasons Real Estate Brokers Should Buy or Start an HOA Management Company
Security Agreement - UCC Article 9
Alcoholic Beverage Control Act
Escrows for Business Sales
Real Property Liens in California
Inflation - What You Need to Know
Become a Business Broker - Agent in California
Become a Business Broker Referral Agent
Earn a Referral Fee
Sell Your Property Management Company in California
Sell Your Residential Real Estate Brokerage Company in California

Mailbox, Packaging, and Mailing Businesses
Business Sales - Payment Structures and Payment Options
Revenue-Based Financing/Royalties
Additional Consideration - Sale of Business
Characteristics of Successful Business Executives and Entrepreneurs
How to Become An Invaluable Employee
Small Business Facts
Selecting an Agent for Service of Process for your Business
What is a Franchise?
Business Plan
Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
Sample FDD Table of Contents
Franchise Questions and Answers
Advantages to Buying a Franchise
Reasons to Franchise Your Business
California Association of Business Brokers (CABB)
CABB Code of Ethics
The International Business Brokers Association (IBBA)
IBBA Code of Ethics
The M&A Source Model Code of Professional Responsibility
American Association of Franchisees and Dealers (AAFD)
Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraisers - Appraisals (CMEA)
Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
What is a Franchisee Association?
Mergers and Acquisitions
Leveraged Buyout (LBO) - Small Companies
Can Two or More Small Weak Firms Merge and Become One Large Strong Firm?
Strategic Alliance
Economies of Scale

Advantages of Making Business Acquisitions with Stock
Stock Swap
Non-Voting Stock
Restricted Corporate Stock
Duties and Structure of Corporate Board
Selecting Corporate Directors
Corporate Stakeholders
Advisory Board
Shareholders' Agreement
Voting Trust or Agreement
Leverage in Finance
Inorganic Business Growth
Organic Business Growth
Plowback or Plowback Ratio
Conflicts of Interest
Conflicts of Interest in Lease Transactions
Protecting Your Business from Fraud and Embezzlement
Ideas to Expand, Protect, and Improve Your Small Business
Cost Accounting
Managerial Accounting
Controller-Corporate Controller Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Internal Auditor - Internal Audit
Maximizing the Value of Your Business Before Selling
Franchise Fraud – Pyramid Schemes
Business Opportunity
Acquire a Business with Self-Directed IRA and 401K Accounts
Five Reasons to Use an Independent Insurance Agent
Insurance Company Tricks
Insurance Coverage Options
Key Person Insurance
Burning Limits Liability Insurance Policies
Existing Businesses Started During the Great Depression
Business Startup Checklist
Shelf Corporations
Angel Investors
Checklist for Commercial Leases
License to Use Land or Building Space
How Your Premises Lease Affects the Value of Your Business
Assignment of Lease or Sublease?
Percentage Rent - Percentage Lease
Common Area Maintenance Charges - Commercial Leases
Lease Square Foot Measurements
Factoring - Invoice Discounting
Corporate Branding
Minority Shareholder Oppression
Economic Indicators
SBA Loans
FICO Score - Credit Score
Reverse Mortgage Loans
E-2 Visa Investors

EB-5 Visa Investors
Glossary of Visa Terms
Glossary of Visa and Immigration Terms

General Plans - Cities and Counties
Organizational or Organization Charts
Corporate Titles - Corporate Positions
Sale and Lease Back or Sale-leaseback
Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce
North San Diego Business Chamber
West Valley Warner Center Chamber of Commerce
Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) and Routes
Search Fund
How to Start an HOA Management Company
How to Start an Accounting-Bookkeeping Company
How to Start a Security Guard Company

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