Website Search or Multiple Listing Service?

What is the Difference?


The Multiple Listing Service used by residential real estate brokerage firms provides far more detailed and up to date information than the information available on the website of real estate brokerage firms. This is always the case.

Information available on the website of real estate brokerage firms, using their search features, is made available by Multiple Listing Services. However, the Multiple Listing Services limit the information made available and do not provide it immediately upon it becoming available to real estate agents accessing the Multiple Listing Services.

In short, while obtaining market information by using search features on real estate brokerage websites is valuable for many purposes, it does not provide the most complete and up to date data available.

Therefore, buyers and sellers should consult with a licensed real estate agent before buying or selling so that any decision to buy or sell is made after all available, current information about the market is reviewed. Only licensed real estate agents who are members have access to the local Multiple Listing Service.