Certified Business Valuations - Appraisals

PacificBusinessAdvisors.net can provide business owners with a Certified Business Valuation that goes far beyond a Broker Opinion of Value. Our certified business valuations are performed by certified valuators who adhere to published valuation standards adopted by the National Association of Certified Valuations and Analysts (NACVA), the most respected organization in the business valuation industry. Certified Business Valuations are formal, written, appraisal reports that are based upon a detailed review of financial and other relevant information submitted by our clients, plus important industry data, including comparable sales transactions.

The cost of Certified Business Valuations generally start at about $1,500. The cost depends on the size and complexity of the business, the amount and type of equipment involved, the quality of earnings, and many other factors.

Certified Business Valuations or appraisals are most often required by owners intending to sell their businesses, but other reasons include litigation, co owner disputes leading to buyouts, management buyouts, dissolution of marriages, raising capital, and obtaining bank loans, including lines of credit.

If you are interested in obtaining a Certified Business Valuation, please make a request for additional information. Upon receipt, we will contact you, ask a few questions, and provide you with the cost. You will have no obligation to proceed.

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