The Most Common Reasons Owners Sell Their Business

Following are most common reasons businesses are sold:

  • The owner wants to retire and does not have a family member that can or wants to take over the business.
  • There are two or more owners that are not getting along and can't agree on a buy-out,
  • The owner(s) needs to relocate due to personal reasons,
  • Death of an owner,
  • The owner has developed health issues,
  • Divorce leading to the liquidation of assets,
  • The owner(s) is not satisfied with the performance of the business and does not have either the desire or knowledge to improve its performance,
  • The owner has found that he or she doesn't enjoy the business and wants to find an alternative, and
  • The owner(s) does not have the capital resources needed to expand the business so that it can complete in the marketplace.
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