Maximizing the Value of Your Business Before Selling

There are several things a business owner can do before offering the business for sale in order to maximize the number of offers and selling price:

  1. Make certain all state and federal tax returns have been filed and your accounting records are in good order.
  2. Prepare a current balance sheet and year-to-date income and expense statement.
  3. If possible, settle any litigation or threats of litigation.
  4. Have an independent insurance broker review all business insurance policies to see if premiums can be reduced.
  5. If your business lease has less than 5 years remaining and your location is important to your business, attempt to negotiate an option to extend the term, making certain that a buyer can assume the lease based on reasonable conditions.
  6. Make certain you can deliver an operations manual, describing all systems and procedures to the buyer.
  7. Carefully calculate the EBITDA for your business and be certain you can justify it.
  8. Make certain you have an up-to-date, modern website that describes your business and the products and/or services your company offers.
  9. Create formal written agreements with any key employees and clients/customers if appropriate and helpful.
  10. Improve the appearance of your business premises with fresh paint, cleaning, etc.
  11. If possible, payoff any business debts
  12. Sell any unused, unneeded, obsolete equipment