Characteristics of Successful Business Executives and Entrepreneurs

Successful Business Executives and Entrepreneurs:

  • Don’t waste any of their time

  • Treat other people time with respect. They are never late.

  • Use their time wisely constantly

  • Concentrate on one thing at a time and don’t get distracted from what is important

  • Plan each day, each week, and each month. They develop short term and long term goals

  • Delegate when appropriate and possible

  • Do first things first. They prioritize and don’t procrastinate

  • Set deadlines for all goals

  • Learn to say “no” when appropriate

  • Focus on efforts that will bring the best long-term benefits

  • Become experts in their field. They learn everything they can about every important subject and invest in their own education. They have intellectual curiosity

  • Have a place for everything so no time is wasted looking for things

  • Understand that there is only one kind of discipline, perfect discipline

  • Understand that work is judged by results, not by the amount of time spent

  • Project a positive business image by their appearance and self-confident professional demeanor

  • Understand that success depends on serving their clients or customers

  • Understand that clients and customers can quickly detect insincerity and dishonesty

  • Work longer and harder than others. They do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do and more than what is expected

  • Are self-confident because they become knowledgeable about every aspect of their business

  • Understand the importance of careful listening, asking meaningful questions, and taking detailed notes

  • Have a sense of urgency and high energy level. They are persistent

  • Solve problems quickly and are self-reliant

  • Deal with unpleasant tasks directly and quickly recognizing that delay only makes the matter worse

  • Have a never, never quit attitude

  • Develop excellent communication skills

  • Have ambition and want to achieve success

  • Constantly ask - How can we do things better

  • Understand the importance of teamwork

  • Are reliable. They understand there are no degrees of reliability. If a person is not 100% reliable, they are unreliable

  • Are always networking and prospecting for new clients or customers, but understand that developing solid relationships takes time, patience, and a servant’s mentality

  • Bounce back from failures because they know how to learn from their experience and improve

  • Have a positive attitude and don’t complain

  • Are able to admit mistakes and learn from them

  • Constantly seek to improve themselves in all respects

  • Genuinely care about their customers and clients
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