California Association of Business Brokers (CABB)

Founded in 1986, the California Association of Business Brokers is a professional trade association whose members are actively involved in assisting their clients in selling, buying, and evaluating businesses. CABB was organized to recognize the professionals of business opportunity brokerage, to help educate the public on the benefits of using licensed intermediaries, and to establish a code of ethics to which members must adhere.

The purposes of the association are:

  • To unite those engaged in the sale of California businesses for the purpose of developing the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.
  • To maintain and improve the educational standards of the business brokerage industry.
  • To better serve the public by creating a broader and more active market for business sales.
  • To educate the public about the benefits of using business brokers to sell and acquire businesses.
  • To serve as a forum for California business brokers to share their unique experience and knowledge.
  • To encourage members to adhere to a code of ethics set forth by the association.

"Business Broker" is a generally known term that is commonly used in the business brokerage industry to refer to someone engaged in the business of selling businesses, regardless of how that person is licensed. This term is an industry-wide used term and is recognized by many associations including the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA). Members of CABB are required to hold a California DRE Real Estate Broker or Salesperson license.

The California Association of Business Brokers (CABB) makes the following educational courses available:


CABB 101 - Introduction to California Business Brokerage

This 4-day, 12-hour course covers all aspects of business brokerage in California. The history, business brokerage standards, code of ethics, and professional designation and licensing are all covered.

CABB 201 - Advanced Recasting and Valuations

Review of accounting basics, double-entry accounting and financial reports. It also discusses income statements, balance sheets and statements of changes in financial position (cash flows), Subjects covered include business assets, liabilities, equity, accounts receivable, accounts payable, revenues and expenses.

CABB 250 - Legal Aspects of Business Sales in California

This 7-hour course is designed for California business brokers at all experience levels. The purpose of this course is to examine a variety of aspects of small business transactions from a legal perspective.

CABB 501 - CBB Renewal

This course is a review of the techniques that make business brokers successful, but it goes far beyond that. It walks all attendees through "the CABB Way" on how to use the most up to date forms and concepts.



CABB Code of Ethics

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