Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) and Routes

Pacific Business Advisors represents buyers and sellers of ATM Routes throughout California and the United States. When you own an ATM business, you can establish your own hours, normally there are no employees required, the bookkeeping is simple, and there is minimal risk because a lost location can be replaced. Expanding the business is also relatively easy as there is a constant demand for ATM machines.

Following are frequently asked questions (FAQ) about ATM machines and routes:


How much money does one ATM machine normally hold?

The cassettes in the machines vary in size and usually hold anywhere between $5,000 and $20,000 depending on how often they are served by the owner. Most machines normally are limited to $20 denominations.


How often are ATM machines normally filled?

Typically, once per week or twice per month depending on the need.


How much are the typical service fees charged for making withdrawals?

Fees usually run from $2.00 to $3.00 and more per withdrawal; some may be slightly more or less.


Does the owner of the location receive any portion of the service fee?

Very often the owner of the location will be paid a portion of the service fee, but the arrangement is negotiable between the parties. The split is dependent on the value of the location and is usually paid out automatically daily or monthly by check or ACH.


Do the owners of ATM machines usually have a written agreement with the owner of each location?

Yes. It is the best practice to have a written agreement that sets forth all terms, but not all ATM machine owners and owners of locations have written contracts. Most written contracts tend to be for periods of 3 to 5 years.


How many transactions do average ATM machines process each month?

Approximately 100 to 200 is average.


What is the average cash withdrawal amount?

The average runs between about $100 per withdrawal.


Who loads the cash into each machine?

Usually the owner, but there are companies that will provide this service.


What is an ATM vaulting service and what do they do?

A vaulting service is a company that provides services to the owners of ATM machines. Vaulting companies monitor the machines to make certain there is sufficient cash in each machine so the owner never loses money due to an empty ATM. In addition, they make certain the machines don't have too much cash since excess cash does not earn a profit. Vaulting companies generally also provide maintenance services if and when required.


What are the best locations for ATM machines?

They tend to be convenience stores, bars and restaurants, truck stops, hospitals, urgent care facilities, animal hospitals, and motels.


Why should the owner of a business location want an ATM machine on their premises?

There are many reasons including: (1) ATM machines reduce the number of checks received. (2) They reduce the number of credit card charges and fees paid (3) Surcharges can be collected, and (4) Store traffic and sales are usually increased.
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